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Otodynamics DP & TE Eartips (270)

OTO-TE-DP-BOX Otodynamics Eartips; DP & TE, 270/Box

$ 110.00

Otodynamics eartips are used for DPOAE and TEOAE testing.Made for single patient use, these eartips should not be cleaned and reused.

  • Kit includes 270 eartips in a compartmented box
  • Compatible withOtoport, Otocheck and Echoport equipment
  • For use during DPOAE and TEOAE testing
  • Single-use, disposable
  • Includes blue and white probe tips
  • Sizes include: T3E, T45C, T5C, T55B, T65B, T7M, T8M, T9M, T11M, T13M, TE-S, TE-L, R48S, R58B, R68B, R7M, R8M, R9M, R11M, R13M, DP-S and DP-L
  • 270 per box

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