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Top Selling Eartips of August (So Far)

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As you may be well aware of, we’re offering 10% off all our ear tip products throughout August. Regardless of what size, quantity, material, or color eartips you want for your audiology needs, you can get them for a bargain until the end of the month. Just type the code 10OFFEAR in the field marked “Discount” before you place your order and watch your total cost drop!

So far, we’ve seen many happy customers save big on large orders of eartips, and there is still plenty of time left for those whom haven’t redeemed the offer. If you belong to the latter and are having trouble deciding which products to apply your discount towards, never fear. We’ve looked through our data and found the eartips your peers are purchasing most. Here are our best-selling eartips of the month so far:

3M™ E-A-RLink™ Yellow Foam Insert Eartips (750 pack)

A great value even before the 10 pearlink foam eartipsercent discount, this pack of 3m™ E-A-RLink™ insert eartips gives you 750 high-quality units at a low rate. Made from medical-grade polyurethane material, these tips are primarily used for insert audiometry and ABR measurement, and are compatible with E-A-RTone™ 3A or 5A insert earphones. After applying the discount code, you can get this value pack for just $222 before taxes!

Bio-Logic® Beige Pediatric OAE Foam Eartips (100 pack)

Compatible with Bio-Logic® AuDX®, AuDX®biologic pediatric oae eartips Pro, Scout, ABaer systems, these OAE eartips are comprised of a soft foam material to provide more comfort and a better fit for pediatric patients. With 100 tips per package, you can stock up your supply while saving yourself a pretty penny. After the discount is applied, you’ll only pay $104 before taxes; just slightly over $1 per tip!


Sanibel™ 8mm Yellow Mushroom Eartips (100 pack)

Need reliable eartips for your Msanibel mushroom eartipsaico, Interacoustics, and GSI instruments? Look no further than this 100 pack of mushroom eartips from Sanibel™. Made from silicone and free of latex, these tips provide your patients with a comfortable testing experience, regardless of duration. Most importantly, their mushroom shape ensures an optimal fit and seal, allowing you to test without worrying about them falling out. After applying the discount, you can get this value pack for only $45 before taxes!

Bio-Logic® Clear OAE TreeTips® (100 pack)

Tapered to provide a great fit and mbiologic oae treetipsaximum comfort, Bio-Logic® OAE TreeTips® can be used with AuDX®, AuDX® Pro, Scout, and ABaer equipment. They can also be used for ABR testing if needed, but you’ll need to purchase an infant tip adapter that is sold separately. With the 10OFFEAR discount, you can get this 100 pack of TreeTips® for just $104 before taxes!



If none of these best-sellers suits your needs, you’re bound to find something that does in our eartip collection. Take a look through our selection today and save big on your purchase!

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